Where behavioral and/or disciplinary issues cannot be safely addressed in any other educational setting, the IEP team may consider a homebound placement. Such changes in placement may be instituted strictly on an emergency basis and for a temporary period of time not to exceed thirty (30) school days to determine how to best address the child’s needs.

The IEP team shall consider a medical homebound placement only upon certification by a licensed doctor of medicine or osteopathy that a child with a disability needs a homebound placement, is expected to be absent from school due to a physical or mental condition for at least (10) consecutive school days and that the child can receive instruction in a homebound placement without endangering the health of personnel providing it.

The IEP team must document that a homebound placement is necessary, temporary and consistent with requirements for the provision of a free appropriate public education. Tenn. Rules & Regs. 0520-01-09-.07(2) and (3)