If you need to add or revoke access to users, or you need to request access for yourself, the LEA has two options for accomplishing this task:

Scenario 1:  You do not have an account (see the Master list of Operator Accounts in another solution article for verification).  You have two ways of getting yourself an account:

1.  Fill out this form:  SharePoint Access Form.  This form is checked daily by the administrator.

2.  Fill out a Help Desk ticket.  Send this ticket to the Group that you normally work with.  At a minimum, provide the Operator you work for and School, if applicable.

Scenario 2:  Twice a year, the LEA will ask you to check the Master list of Operator Accounts and make adjustments.  Or you may need to add or revoke access at any time through the year.  If either of these are true, you can use the SharePoint Access Form.  Be advised, you will need a SharePoint Account to follow this link.  If you have issues, you can also enter a Help Desk ticket to accomplish this task, but the SharePoint Access Form is preferred.