This article will help you set up your new SharePoint Account.  This is a copy of the generic form sent to new users by the SharePoint Administrator:

Thanks for filling out the SharePoint Access Form.  I have provisioned your account:



Pass:  Achievement1


I am including some set up documents.  The first is "Your SharePoint Account."  Go through this document and set up your account.  Be sure to set up a phone or email as a secondary authentication method, per the instructions.  

Now, after you set up your account, be advised that there is a brief sync period between Office 365 and SharePoint.  If you are trying to visit a specific site, you may get redirected to our root site,  If this happens, just wait a few minutes before trying your link again.  Depending on you network (and Microsoft's servers), this sync time can vary.

There are two other help documents.  If your Operator has its own Office 365 account, please see the "following links" document.  This will help you avoid conflicts.  Finally, there is a "SharePoint Browsing" document which shows the sites you can visit, and a quick walkthrough on how to browse the sites, if you wish to do so.

Finally, be aware that I have added important information to the Solution Article section of the ASD Help Desk:

You will find help documents and other articles that help solve common issues at this site.  When you pull up the page, look for the "SharePoint" category.  Feel free to share this with fellow staff members.

Be advised, this email was sent from an unmonitored email account, so don't respond.  If you have further issues, please use the Help Desk.