The main Office 365 Subscription conflict is the "automatic login."  I describe this login below, but the problem is pretty simple.  You click on a link, it doesn't go to the Office 365 login screen like you expect (and need) it to.  What's wrong?


When you see a link from an LEA staff member, you are probably going to click on it.  When you do this, your default browser will try to open that link.  Your default browser is simply that browser that opens links you click from email, Office docs, etc.  

If you are logged in to Office 365 in your default browser with your school account, or have saved the password to your school account, then your default browser will try to log you in automatically to our SharePoint with your school credentials.  You will be able to get in to our SharePoint this way, but you will receive access errors if you try to open documents.  You may also get an error that tells you " is not part of" or something similar.  Both of these errors stem from Office 365 trying to automatically log you in to the ASD SharePoint with your school credentials rather than your SharePoint Account.



When you follow one of our links, you want to see the Office 365 login page.  This is key - no automatic logins.  If you can enter your SharePoint Account Credentials, then you can visit where you need to visit.  I suggest right clicking links we send and then pasting them in a second browser that is not your default, and where you haven't saved any 0365 passwords.  This way, you will have success all the time.  By keeping the two Office 365 tenants separate, we are avoiding all errors.  So, your default browser will be used for all things school O365 related, while the second browser will be used for the ASD SharePoint.

Alternatively, if you are careful with your default browser, you can use one browser for both Office 365 subscriptions.  This involves not being logged in to your school Office 365 when you click links from LEA staff, and also don't save your school Office 365 password in your browser when it prompts you to do so.  Doing these two things will ensure no more automatic logins with your school credentials when you click a link from us.