In order to dispose of unwanted assets and/or furniture, ASD schools must follow the SCS disposition process.  For all technology assets, an Asset Disposal Request Form must be completed and submitted to the SCS Office of Asset Management via email to Tammy Bradford ( with a copy to Robert Braden ( at the SCS Warehouse.  The school inventory is to be adjusted by the SCS Office of Asset Management to reflect the assets being disposed and the SCS Warehouse will schedule the pickup.

Likewise, to dispose of furniture, a Furniture Disposition Ticket must be completed and sent to Tammy Bradford and Robert Braden in order to schedule a pickup of the unwanted furniture.  

All assets designated as surplus or excess should be stored on the first floor of the school and/or in a location that is easily accessible for removal and pickup when ready.  At no time should furniture or any other assets be donated or thrown into the garbage.

If you can't access the forms following the links above, feel free to download the attached forms to complete.