This article will cover a couple of common problems you may experience as you fulfill the PIRS Action Item Request.

I will talk about your SharePoint Account and the PIRS folder first.  In order to access the Excel workbook for your school, you will need a SharePoint Account.  You cannot access the PIRS report with your school credentialsAlso, the old login will not grant you access to the PIRS folder.  That login only worked with old SharePoint site collections.

1.  So what do you do if you don't have a SharePoint Account, or you don't know if you have one?  Start here.  This article will guide you through all of the steps around provisioning a SharePoint Account.

2.  What do you do if you haven't logged in to your SharePoint Account for a while and you have forgotten your password?  Go here.

The other error you may experience while trying to access PIRS is Office 365 Subscription conflicts.  In other words, if your CMO/Operator has its own Office 365 Subscription, then you will need to be careful in accessing our SharePoint, as it is also an Office 365 Subscription.  Different Office 365 Suscriptions don't play nice together.

This Office 365 Subscription conflict error manifests in an "access denied" message when you try to access a resource.  This usually occurs because you clicked a link in your email, and your default browser tried to open the SharePoint page.  But you were a) already logged in to your school Office 365 account, or b) your school credentials were cached in the browser (you saved your password).  Thus, your school credentials are "grabbed" automatically and Microsoft attempts to log you in to the ASD's SharePoint with those credentials.  The Office 365 login page does not appear, and you are not able to enter your SharePoint Account credentials.

To avoid this problem, you have a couple of options: 

1.  Be mindful when you are logged in to your school account in Office 365.  If you are careful to not be logged in with school credentials when you click on a link from ASD Staff, you should be fine.  You will see the Office 365 login screen, where you enter your SharePoint Account information.  Also, as a best practice, don't save your Office 365 passwords in your browser.  This can also cause "automatic" logins, which bypass the Office 365 login screen.

2.  Use a second browser for all things ASD SharePoint.  Using this option, you can avoid the Office 365 Subscription conflict issue completely.  When you get a link in your email, right click on it, copy it, and then paste the link in to the address bar of a second browser that is not your default browser.  As long as  you have not saved your password information in this second browser, then you will always be able to log in to ASD SharePoint.

For more information on Office 365 conflicts, you can take a look at the solution articles here.