On Aug. 31, 2016 the baseline special education BEP options files were loaded into EIS from EasyIEP. This option data will continue loading nightly into EIS from EasyIEP for the duration of the year. Students who have finalized IEPs currently in the EasyIEP system should be generating an option both in EasyIEP and in EIS. Districts are encouraged to routinely check the options in both systems and reconcile any large differences. The "ADM by Option" report in EasyIEP and the "Special Education Membership" report in EIS are the best resources to track the counts of options data. 

The data services team has developed a troubleshooting guide for ADM that provides instructions on how to research ADM discrepancies between EasyIEP and EIS and resolve related problems. 

Should you or other district staff need assistance or support regarding issues with options and significant discrepancies in the options displayed in EasyIEP and EIS, we encourage you to post a message to the EasyIEP message board.