1. Visit https://www.office.com and click the Sign in button


2. Type in the account name provided by your teacher (e.g. asdstudent@student.tnasd.org) and click the Next button

3. Enter the temporary password provided by your teacher and click the Sign in button


 4. Create your new password by entering the temporary password in the first and repeating your new password in the second and third fields and click the Sign in button

  • You new password must be at least 8 characters long and include
    1. At least one uppercase letter
    2. At least one lowercase letter
    3. At least one number
  • Microsoft may also prevent you from including your whole or part of your name as part of your new password

5. You now have the option for the browser to keep you signed in

  • If you are using a device shared with others, click No
  • If you are using a device only used by you, you may click Yes


6. To access your classroom(s), click the Teams icon from the listed options






7. Click Got it! on the tutorial


8. Your available classrooms are listed on the left side of the screen




 9. Optionally, you may click your profile at the top right to receive instructions to download the Microsoft Teams desktop app or mobile app